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How to Choose the Best Style Hearing Aids

How to Choose the Best Style Hearing Aids

You’ve had the hearing tests and the results indicate hearing aids would greatly improve your lifestyle. You’re ready to shop but you’re a bit concerned that the units might not look or fit right. You want to know how to choose the best style hearing aids. Here are a few suggestions.

Ask a friend to help

Have someone you trust go with you to examine the different types of hearing aids. Style, cost, lifestyle and hearing loss all play a role in what type of hearing aid will work best for you and having a second opinion can assist you in your choice. If your friend wears hearing aids and has been through the process, that’s an added bonus.

Consider the style

There are three basic types of hearing aids and each offers different benefits. In-the-canal hearing aids sit either completely or partially in the ear canal and offer a custom fit. In-the-ear hearing aids are slightly more visible but usually are easier to insert. Behind-the-ear hearing aids sit behind your ear and provide greater amplification. Working with an audiologist you trust is vital to choosing the right hearing aids for you.

Do some research

There are many variables when it comes to hearing aids. Learning about the different styles and how they work may narrow down your choices for you. Consider price and payment as well. Does the provider offer payment over time? Take credit cards? Check to see if your health insurance may provide a benefit. Additionally, find out if the provider offers a trial period and what warranties are available.

Don’t fall for big claims

Hearing aids can’t solve all hearing problems, and one size certainly does not fit all! If someone tells you things that sound too good to be true, that’s probably the case! No hearing aid can restore normal hearing, and while background noise can be greatly reduced, it’s never eliminated. Be skeptical about advertisements you receive in the mail offering free gift cards or online purchasing.

Don’t feel pressured or rushed

Purchasing hearing aids is a big decision. If you feel you’re being pressured to make an immediate choice or to buy something you can’t afford, take a step back and give yourself some additional time to make the decision.

When you pick up your hearing aids, the provider should do additional testing and make certain your hearing aids fit well and are comfortable. They will instruct you how to insert, remove and care for your units and should be patient will any questions you have.

Knowing how to choose the best style of hearing aids doesn’t have to be a chore. With a little preparation you will find the best units to provide the greatest benefit to you.