Balloon Sinuplasty

At Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat, we understand how frustrating chronic sinusitis and recurrent sinus infections can be. When faced with this condition and struggling to breathe clearly, antibiotics and topical nasal steroids are generally the first methods of treatment. While these treatments usually provide relief for many of the individuals suffering from chronic sinusitis, there is still a large number coping with symptoms.

What is the next step when medication fails and you’re still dealing with chronic sinusitis? We’re proud to offer balloon sinuplasty, a mild, in-office treatment option at Tejas ENT.

Balloon sinuplasty

balloon sinplasty fusion compactConsidered a minimally invasive treatment, balloon sinuplasty is a procedure that can be performed in-office and provides relief to patients with mild pathology. Balloon sinuplasty relieves sinusitis symptoms by unblocking your nasal pathways, reducing infections and minimizing sinus headaches.

During balloon sinuplasty, a thin balloon is placed into the nose and inflated to open and restructure a patient’s blocked sinuses. The process is simple, effective and offers a quicker recovery than other surgery options. Including time for anesthesia, surgery and post-anesthesia recovery, balloon sinuplasty generally takes around one hour to complete.

What to expect from Balloon Sinuplasty

balloon sinuplasty womanOnce Dr. Tamez has determined you are a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty, he will walk you through the procedure and what can be expected. At Tejas ENT, we utilize Medtronic image guidance system technology in combination with NuVent EM Dilation System to map your specific facial anatomy. Our Medtronic system provides us the correct pathways to insert the balloon and ensures a safe and effective treatment for you.

During your surgery, Dr. Tamez will place a balloon into your blocked sinus using Medtronic technology to guide the way. After Dr. Tamez confirms the placement of the balloon, it will be inflated for approximately five seconds, and then deflated. Dr. Tamez will repeat this process if necessary to open the blocked sinus passages.

Recovering from balloon sinuplasty

Recovery time for balloon sinuplasty isn’t extensive, but does vary from patient to patient. Most individuals who have the in-office procedure are able to return to work and regular activities in two to three days. Most patients usually notice some swelling or tenderness to the impacted area, but Dr. Tamez will discuss these symptoms with you and prescribe pain medication or treatment as needed. Dr. Tamez does not use packing in his nasal and sinus procedures.

If you are tired of suffering from chronic sinusitis and want to learn more about balloon sinuplasty, contact Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat today to find out what Dr. Tamez can do to help you breathe better!

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