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We take great pride in our commitment to a patient centered, caring environment.

Every family should have a trusted Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. Dr. Tamez and his entire staff take great pride in being the home to many Central Texas families and want to make Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat and Tejas Hearing Aid Center your family’s home.

We treat the hearing impaired of all ages. 

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Dr. Tamez has a sincere love for what he does and wants to educate his patients on how to feel better...
Laura W., Customer since 2012
I'm completely satisfied with the work Dr Tamez has done in my surgery and post-op care. He is very thorough and thoughtful, and advocates a holistic approach, working with my dentist and my sleep doctor, to help me improve and maintain my health in all these areas. I recommend him highly!
David Orr
Jennifer, the NP here, was amazing. Spoke to me clearly about what she was going to do in terms of process, allowed me to describe everything I was feeling, and advised me on what the next steps are for me clearly. She did not rush through it and was a true professional. Outstanding experience, including a friendly staff to greet you as soon as you walk through the
Victor Garcia
I'm sleeping better, and many of my symptoms and complaints have improved. I'm optimistic that the positive results will only continue to add up in the coming months and years. Really, I can't tell you how good it feels to take a breath through my nose and actually feel the oxygen going in, when before I was so clogged up ALL THE TIME. I highly recommend Dr. Tamez as an ENT, and his staff is awesome. Very supportive and kind.
Travis Snow
Dr. Tamez and his staff are superior to the rest! I always felt welcome and well informed with my consultations and especially well taken care of during my septoplasty surgery. Thank you!
Tina Signorello
Dr Tamez and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. My sinus surgery has been a huge success and with almost no pain or discomfort. I had no bruising or swelling. I highly recommend Dr Tamez.
Debera Stein
Dr. Tamez spends a lot of time with me going over my treatment for sleep and breathing issues. He was very patient in explaining the reasons for my symptoms and answered any and all questions I had to my satisfaction. The staff that welcomed and prepared me were very courteous and professional. A very good experience. Highly recommend Dr. Tamez.
John Hernandez
I couldn't have been more impressed with Dr. Tamez and his entire staff! I am so grateful for their kindness, attentiveness, and perseverance in finding out a solution! If you care about fixing the real problem and not just fixing the symptoms, I'd recommend Tejas ENT 10/10 times!
Katelyn Grubb
Dr. Tamez is great at what he does! We have had a wonderful experience. Our son's breathing has improved greatly and we are thankful for it!
Jocelyn Coughlin
I appreciated the holistic approach of Dr. Tamez. He was truly interested in improving my life through better breathing. I am now 3 months post procedure and can enthusiastically say that I am breathing and sleeping better than I ever have. Many thanks to Dr. Tamez and the team.
Stacey Barnes
Tejas Ear Nose and Throat was wonderful. My daughter Ava had her tonsils and adenoids taken out a month ago and everything went great. Dr Tamez was so personable and informative. She had no issues with recovery and is doing great.
Carly Marlow
Allergist is fabulous. Starts off with low doses. Realistic and up front about the length of time allergy immunity takes. Front office staff is great to work with. Dr. Tamez is great and was referred by another of my great doctors (dentist and orthodontist) so well respected in the doctor community.
Jamie Kail
Dr Tamez is an excellent Surgeon. I didn’t realize how poorly I was breathing until I had this surgery! I can now get a very restful nights sleep! Many thanks to Dr. Tamez and his staff!
Jim Noreen Brock
I was extremely impressed with Nancy Innes, Au.D…Her credentials and experience are exceptional and I know I am in very good hands!
Marilyn Holmes
Dr. Tamez and his staff are amazing. Wonderful service and a top level of care. I highly recommend! They’ve greatly helped both me and my family.
Ryan Ransom
Post surgery, I only missed 2 days of work for recovery and can now smell/breathe/taste again! He also fixed my deviated septum. I recommend Tejas/Dr. Tamez to anyone who has nasal polyps.
Kyle Biggio
I love it here!!! I couldn’t have found a better doctor! He is very attentive to all of your signs and symptoms and truly males you understand why you feel all of these horrible symptoms. He makes you feel ready for a brand new life! He actually cares! All of the employees here are very friendly and make the environment very comfortable. Overall a very great place I would highly recommend!
Marijn Lawyer
This was my first visit with Dr. Oscar Tamez at Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat P.A. and it was the most professional, efficient, timely and expert medical process I have ever experienced. The doctor’s office visit was ahead of schedule and the doctor was to the point in the examination room. This provided confidence in his expertise and medical efficiency! It was an awesome doctor visit! Thank you, Dr Tamez and staff!
Ray Contreras
The staff and doctors in this practice are so friendly and knowledgeable. They take time to explain everything and make sure you understand and are comfortable with everything. Highly recommend.
Michelle Gibson
Dr. Tamez and team are wonderful! I greatly appreciate being able to breathe for the first time in my life! I had gone 35 years without a proper diagnosis for my genetic structural breathing problems, and now after undergoing FESS, I finally understand how we are supposed to breathe. So much in my past finally make sense now... why I had such a hard time running, playing sports, sleeping, or generally keeping up with my peer class, not to mention fighting for mental clarity in school. I only wish he had seen me as a child and that I had gotten this done much sooner in life. It’s all about the airway, and Dr. Tamez and team really know what they are doing.
Rebecca Rosenberg
Extremely thorough and patient....the physician’s assistant (NP Barnes) was phenomenal, as well. This group was highly recommended by several people I trust. I am so glad that I chose them to provide my care. They are now my ENT of choice!!
Alyson DeMaio
Best allergy season for me since coming to Dr. Oscar Tamez's group. This is a very professional and detailed group. They can take care all of your issues, hearing, allergies, with great referrals to other professional groups as needed. I have recommended them to my friends.
Tamar Teter
Nothing has compared to the great success I have had since having surgery with Dr. Tamez. I feel like I can now finally breathe, my headaches are less frequent, I’m no longer a mouth breather, and I snore less. Thank you for such wonderful care and for giving me my life back.
Jeanie Hill
Amazing office staff. Thorough & friendly medical staff. Dr Tamez took time to understand my problems & explain the course of treatment. So grateful to all involved in service & treatment!
Elizabeth Tooley
Dr. Tamez and his staff are great. I've been dealing with allergies most of my life and just never realized how bad it was until Dr. Tamez took care of it. Now I can breathe better which is great but the best part is no more sinus headaches. After the surgery, Jennifer is the best at making sure you recover and feel better as quick as possible.
Don Pool
I love Tejas ENT. Dr. Tamez is excellent! I just had Allergy testing done with Jamie - she is fantastic! Very professional and friendly!
Ken Caldwell
Tejas ENT is the most thorough and personable ENT I've ever experienced. They are not a hearing pushing clinic. They look at all possibilities of your symptoms, then offer options. I highly recommend them! Would give ten stars if I could.
Sherall Bonner
Tejas ENT is fantastic! I needed my sinus' cleaned out completely and Dr. Tamez' way of doing that was amazing. He is so knowledgeable, informative, and skilled. I have never had a surgeon with such a gentle, caring bedside manner which is especially important when conscious during the process. The nurses were just as sweet. The rest of the staff is wonderful as well. All the medications were phoned in and explained perfectly. The insurance was handled without snags. THANK YOU ALL!!!!
Susan Hatley
Dr. Tejas and staff did an exemplary job of making me feel comfortable on my visit. The diagnosis and treatment were explained thoroughly. Highly recommend for anyone seeking an ENT.
James Liburdi
My daughter had tonsillectomy, adenoids removed, and nasal surgery. Immediately after surgery, she had relief. The headaches were gone! The facial pain was gone!! She could sleep again. She was happy! I truly could cry writing this and I can't even begin to tell you what Dr. Tamez did for my daughter and ultimately for my family! Truly AMAZING!! To think, every ENT I went to (total of 5 prior) couldn't help her, and Dr Tamez truly thought outside of the box. No ear pain. No facial pain and No TMJ issues. Thank you Dr. Tamez!!! You are amazing!
Dillon Womack
Trusting a doctor’s decision is very important to me as it should be for everyone. My experience with Tejas, Dr. Tamez, and his staff was nothing but the finest. My recommendation on a scale of 1-10 is a 10. If in need of Tejas, Dr. Oscar Tamez..ear, nose, throat specialist, this is the place to go.
Leonore Chambers
Very caring doctor who is treating me as a whole and not just a number. I highly recommend!
Shayna Louk
I first went to Dr Oscar Tamez around 10 years ago and was so impressed with his enthusiasm, knowledge, and eagerness to help with my ear problem, which he did in short order. So, when I started having breathing problems 10 years later I was determined to find him again. I did and am now able to breathe better than I ever did. He remains completely devoted to doing the best job he can for his patients. I highly, highly recommend this man for all your ear, nose, and throat problems.
Sue Turner
This office is totally different from other ENT offices in the sense of up to date technology & more progressive views on how to treat patients Sinus/Allergy issues.
Sylvia Torres
I went into the doctor's office with high hopes based on a previous recommendation. Dr.Tamez is going to be very instrumental in helping me to find relief after suffering for so many years.
Carlos Orange
1st time coming in, won’t be going anywhere else. Awesome staff, awesome doctor, super clean facility.
Raidel Perez
Dr. Tamez is personable, knows his stuff, and explains things in terms a patient can understand.
Rose Merryman
Dr. Tamez is the ENT doctor to see! I've been a long-term patient with him, and he made the quality of my life a lot better…They go above and beyond, and they always make me feel at home. I strongly recommend Dr. Tamez to anyone.
John Gizdich
Successful visit and help getting ear wax out of the ears. Nice place and will come again.
Maxwell Rucker
My experience at Dr. Tamez’ office was exceptional! He was very thorough and informative.
Lydia Pruneda
Dr. Tamez and his staff are amazing. I have trusted him with helping my kids with their airway issues and chronic ear infections for the last 6 years. He has performed surgeries on my 3 boys and there is no one I would trust more with my kids and helping them breathe better.
Jennifer Pittman
Dr. Tamez is very knowledgeable and cares deeply about his patients. He is honest and forthcoming with all the information and will never try to push unneeded or unwarranted procedures. I will always come to Dr. Tamez for all my ear, nose, and throat issues. All the staff at Tejas is amazing!
Demetrio Gauna
Dr. Tamez has helped me so much. I am breathing so much better and can sleep so much better. The nurses are all helpful and so kind.
Frances Ordoyne
Highly recommend Dr. Tamez and Tejas ENT. Did wonders for my son.
Jeff Neuenschwander
I truly believe that Dr. Tamez shows a level of comprehensiveness that is often missing in the medical field. He wants to make you as healthy as possible and spends a great deal of time making sure everything is right. His team is always friendly and helpful. He has performed surgery on myself and my son and there is no question, he is a wonderful surgeon!
Candace Bruno
This place is awesome. The staff is warm and friendly. They are very thorough and take their time to address your concerns. You will feel at home with this team. Dr. Tamez and his team has placed me on the road to better health. I am forever grateful for all that Dr. Tamez and his awesome team has done for me. I highly recommend this place for any ENT or respiratory issues. A wonderful team of experts....!! Thank you all…
Linda Hogan
Everyone here was super knowledgeable! They were excellent with my 4yo and we were able to get some answers.
Ashley Ortega
Dr. Tamez is incredibly insightful and honest. He suspected my life threatening condition, in time, without which I would not be writing this review today. Most docs are sweet and short - they spend little time and are out before you can ask any questions. Dr. Tamez spends quality time till he gets to the bottom of your issue. His insights led him to refer me a specialist for a condition that was not related to ENT. Not many docs are that concerned/give up/ or just might say "all's good, it will take time". I am blessed I was referred him and have no hesitation saying he is one of the few selfless, highly competent and professional docs out here in the Austin area.
Ram Manga
Great people over at Tejas Ear Nose and Throat! I’ve recovered nicely from my sinus surgery and I am breathing better than ever. Jamie’s allergy treatment is on point! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had cedar fever! Dr. Tamez did an excellent job, he took my surgery seriously! Thank God for the Jamie and for Dr. Tamez!
Austin Adams
Dr. Tamez is amazing! I felt totally comfortable trusting him with my surgery and would recommend him to anyone.
Sydney Wilkins
Dr. Tamez is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything so that I could understand it. He was kind and patient with me. The entire staff at Tejas was warm and welcoming. Best doctor app[ointment] I have ever had. Already made an appt for my husband!
Michelle Zeplin
Extremely knowledgeable doctor. This was my first visit and I feel like I am on the right track to sleeping better and wellness.
Geralyn Oswald
Dr. Tamez and his staff are great people , very professional , caring and provide a world class service to their patients. always provided the absolute best ENT care plus a beautiful office.
Jamal Sakatan
Nurse Practitioner Jennifer was patient and concerned with every ailment and question concerning my reason for coming in. The most time ever given me and my concerns any time in my 68 years by medical personnel. A FIRST to walk out with all my questions answered.....thank you!
Charlotte Bradshaw
Holistic, thorough, and comprehensive approach to caring for the patient. I highly recommend Dr. Tamez and his team!
Laura Chapa
The professionalism and enthusiasm in helping their patients displayed by Dr. Tamez and his staff is encouraging and hopeful. My boys and I are seeing wonderful results, some might even say dramatic. My headaches have gone from every day to one every now and then. We are all sleeping better and experiencing more more energy. Most of my symptoms that classified as fibromyalgia are either resolved or greatly reduced. I highly recommend Tejas ENT!
Kelli Kirwan
I had the best experience at Tejas ENT. His staff is just as amazing as he is. I truly appreciate the help he has provided me and am excited to continue the journey with his office. He will not waste your time, he listens, understands, and is truly interested in not only helping you but your whole family. Thank you guys again!!!
Kristen Comer
I had the best experience at Tejas ENT. His staff is just as amazing as he is. I truly appreciate the help he has provided me and am excited to continue the journey with his office. He will not waste your time, he listens, understands, and is truly interested in not only helping you but your whole family. Thank you guys again!!!
Juli E.
Dr. Tamez and his staff are amazing!! They saved my sons life. My family was exposed to Toxic mold and we suffer from severe allergies, congestion, sinus issues, headaches, ear infections and serious lack of sleep. My son was sick every 3 months and all of the time with the fore mentioned symptoms until Dr. Tamez performed surgery on him. For the last 2 yrs he has only gotten sick twice, neither relating to the issues he had before. My son is a completely different person, better focus and is excelling in school. My daughter will be getting her tubes next yr and I will be having the same surgery as my son! I can not express enough the anxiety my family has had with other Drs but NOT with Dr. Tamez and his staff they are very knowledgeable, comforting and trustworthy! I would recommend Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat to everyone who wants immediate relief of allergy and sinus issues and a Dr and staff that are leaders in their field!!!
Christa Janda
I have seen two other ENT’s before coming here and Dr. Tamez and his team were by far the best I have worked with. Very thorough and went over everything in great detail. I feel our family is in very good hands here. I would definitely recommend this ENT
Heather Festa
My family and I have been patients of Dr. Tamez for almost 10 years. He is passionate about what he does, and I've trusted Dr. Tamez to do surgery on two of my children to help them breath better and sleep better. The results have been life changing for my children. I admire Dr. Tamez's passion for what he does. His staff is among the friendliest that I've ever encountered. I would highly recommend Dr. Tamez to friends and family.
Jackie Namee
I first met Dr. Oscar Tamez about 9yrs ago. I was a chronic sinus sufferer and needed treatment for my sinus infection that I had not had successful treatment with my family doctor. Not only did Dr. Tamez treat my chronic issue he also taught me preventive care to prevent future issues. He was very thorough and explained everything and gave me a chance to ask any questions I had… My husband just had sinus surgery and allergy treatment and it worked very well for him. A life changing procedure to help with his sinus and snoring issues. I would whole heartedly highly recommend Dr. Tamez for anyone who needs great quality care. Excellent staff always ready to help with anything needed.
Susan Walter
Dr. Tamez is the best kept secret in the Austin area. I was referred to him by my dentist in Westlake and was happy to make the drive because of his testimonial. He was right not only about Dr. Tamez but the entire team at Tejas ENT…They were professional and had a kind demeanor. They were quick with processing me through their system. Dr. [Tamez] has impeccable bedside manner. Very kind and thorough. He not only addressed my issue I was referred for, but also addressed several other issues in which I wasn’t diagnosed. He laid out a plan to improve my issues and gave me a timeline. We spent about 30 minutes and he was able to do a scope the same day. He also offered to call my dentist to compare notes *just to make sure* he didn’t miss anything. The last ENT I visited doesn’t even compare. Don’t waste your time with anyone else, go see Dr. Tamez!
Marie M.
Dr. Tamez is by far a leading expert in the ENT field. His overall knowledge and experience made me feel extremely comfortable with his diagnosis and treatment.
Ricky Bendle
Dr. Tamez is very easy to talk to and has helped me understand so much about my case. He communicates with other doctors and I feel like I'm truly being cared for rather than just being thrown meds for temporary relief. I'm very happy with the level of care I get with his practice.
Keli Scott
My whole family and myself go here. Dr. Tamez is truly a pioneer and the results of how much better we are sleeping, performing in sports and overall quality of life prove it. My daughter is oxygenating so much better- she is on half the amount of ADHD meds that she was before being treated by him.
Julie Eckert
Dr. Oscar Tamez was one of the best doctors I have ever been too. I'm very suspicious of new doctors since most don't listen and just push a ton of meds on you and give random diagnosis. Not Dr Tamez he listened intently to my daughter and asked great questions and came up with a proper diagnosis. He is the first doctor to actually do this. He also gave me 5 star referrals for other issues we are facing. Highly recommend this office. Staff is super friendly as well.
Ray Tg
Dr. Tamez and his staff have treated my 2 kids. He has been very patient and does a great job explaining the procedures to the kids, especially my anxious one. I appreciate that he is thorough with his care.
David Reeves
You are in EXCELLENT hands with Dr. Tamez and his team at Tejas ENT!! I have suffered fatigue with inadequate sleep quality for decades, and now I can actually breathe for the first time ever!! The surgery was only a week ago, but I am already feeling the effects ... and what an improvement! Dr. Tamez took the time to explain my options (surgical & otherwise), answer my many questions, and make sure I was comfortable throughout the process. His team is awesome! Thank you so much, Team Tejas!!
Crystal Renee Estrada
Tejas Ear, Nose & Throat is an amazing organization. I say organization because while Dr. Tamez is an excellent physician he also has an amazing team. Dr. Tamez has treated my son, daughter and myself. Dr. Tamez performed nasal surgery (Septoplasty) on me in 2013. He did an amazing job and he and his staff kindly walked me through the procedure prior to surgery & the post-operative procedures. Dr. Tamez takes great pride in connecting with his patients, both adolescent & adults. He has worked with us to figure out the correct medical path for the branchial cleft my daughter has along with the sinus & allergy issues both my children suffer from. My family highly recommend[s] Dr. Tamez and his incredible team.
Lori Rambusch

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