The world has been handing out free oxygen to its residents since dinosaurs roamed its surface; however, some modern earthlings are better than others at accepting the gift. Those who take full advantage of the oxygen supply use a method that requires nothing more than using the nostrils to initiate each new breath. But those who use the mouth to gasp for air end up suffering the consequence: the oxygen level in the blood remains much lower than that of nose-breathers.

Now, you are probably analyzing your own technique and asking how you can switch the part of your face — from mouth to nose — that you habitually use to take in the air around you. Here's the good news: the best solution for you to stop mouth breathing is likely one of the seven recommended methods below.

nose breating for better levels of blood oxygen


Practice Makes Perfect

Remember this instruction: Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. That being said, though, what has stopped you from breathing correctly is probably not your lack of knowledge about recommended breathing techniques. Instead, chances are that your issue revolves around putting the method into practice. But the only way to put anything into practice is to do exactly that — practice.


Clear Your Nose

Although it might seem obvious, many people breathe through their mouth because their nose is blocked. Try using a nasal wash or turmeric to clear your nasal passages of any obstructions.


Reduce Your Stress

When you stress, you hurry your breathing. As a result, you're more likely to neglect using your nose to take deep breaths during stressful situations. Whether you need to see a doctor or change or your environment, reducing stress will improve the way you breathe.


Buy Bigger Pillows

If you're struggling with how to stop mouth breathing when you're sleeping, you should try changing the height of your head compared to the rest of your body. Prop your head up with an extra pillow or a pillow that has thicker stuffing.


Get Off the Couch

Another one of the ways to prevent mouth breathing is by exercising regularly.

exercise regularly for better breathing

Start a regimen of going for a daily walk or run. By doing so, you will increase your need for deep breaths; your nose will get the message and naturally take the breathing responsibility away from your mouth.


See a Therapist

In case you are wondering what type of therapist to look for to help you stop mouth breathing, the answer is a myofunctional therapist. This type of therapist helps by using exercises to retrain your facial muscles to operate in a way that better benefits your breathing.


Consider Surgery

If nothing else works, you might have an issue with how your nose is constructed. Talk to your doctor about specific surgeries that are available for your condition; it might mean the difference between you breathing properly or being a mouth-breather for life.