Most people know the importance of regular physical exams, dental visits and vision testing. But it’s wise to also add hearing tests to your self-care regime, to ensure that your hearing stays sharp and that small problems can be managed in the early stages. A hearing evaluation is a fast, painless way to ensure that you are taking care of this vital sense that is so important to your daily function. Here are 6 reasons why you should make sure you test your hearing, and periodically, as the years pass for any hearing loss.


1 – Better Productivity at Work

The state of your hearing can have a direct effect on how well you do your job. Good hearing not only allows you to collaborate with others easily, but also prevents the strain of struggling to make out words in low conversations. You come home from work less fatigued and are able to enjoy after-work activities more.


2 – Improved Social Interactions

Hearing well can keep you in on all the inside jokes, so you have more fun. When you have good hearing, you don’t have to strain to keep up with conversations with friends. You can pick up the subtle tones of voice that provide information on what people really mean and how they really feel. Losing this ability can inhibit your ability to interact effectively with others and can make you feel more isolated.


3 – Better Safety

Good hearing is also important to your safety throughout the day. For walking, driving and simply going about your daily tasks, you depend on your hearing to alert to sudden dangers, such as objects falling or other environmental hazards. This is one of the most critical reasons for hearing test that could save your life.


4 – Easier Learning

Hearing well is essential to learning new skills. It allows you to hear instructors, get advice and determine progress that is needed to develop competence. If you can’t hear properly, these tasks become more difficult and affect the amount of time needed to master new proficiencies.


5 – Maintaining Your Mental Acuity

Studies find that poor hearing can affect mental acuity, making it more difficult to stay attuned to events going on and peoples’ interactions. These social factors can have a profound effect on cognition and losing the ability to stay connected can negatively affect thought processes.


6 – Part of Your Overall Health Maintenance

A hearing test can be part of your overall routine to ensure good health, whatever your age. These tests can be even more important as you get older, when hearing problems often develop. A baseline test today will help to monitor small changes that could indicate the onset of a problem.


Taking care of your hearing can help you achieve your goals, enjoy your relationships and keep your mind sharp. A periodic test will ensure that you can continue living well, as the years pass. Call our hearing specialist to test your hearing, so you can participate in life fully and enjoyably throughout the year.