If you have started your search for a decent pair of hearing aids, you would already be familiar with their unfathomable price. Industry experts state that the average price for a pair of hearing aids is $4,000, while a decent pair can range anywhere between $3000-8,000. That means you will have a huge variety to choose from when you go to the market to actually make the purchase for hearing aids. The price range suggests that some hearing aids will be comparatively cheaper while others will be pretty expensive and the final decision lies in your hands.

Ask the right questions

The expansiveness of choice at your disposal as far as hearing aids are concerned is baffling. It is particularly confusing for people who are first-time buyers of hearing aids and do not have any friends or family with previous experience with these little gadgets. Even people who have previously bought hearing aids are often equally perplexed because with each passing year the evolution in technology is mind-boggling for the common man.

Does insurance cover hearing aids?

As a result, it becomes imperative to ask the right questions when you are trying to choose a pair of hearing aids for yourself. The first and most important question to ponder upon is whether your insurance company will cover the cost of hearing aids for you or not. The bad news is that most insurers do not cover the price of hearing aids. Therefore, you need to get in touch with your insurer and ask them everything about coverage.

What is included with the price of the hearing aid?

Once you have determined who is going to pay for the hearing aids, the next question to ask is what you’re paying for when you go to buy a pair. The offering of each vendor would vary; however, the typical seller will provide you with additional services, such as hearing examinations, consultation, fitting, cleaning and warranty on your hearing aids. It is sensible to compare the offerings of different vendors for comparable products and base your decision on your preference.

What do you want in a hearing aid?

Since hearing aids are a huge investment unless you’re a multimillionaire or a movie star, you need to make sure you love everything about the aids that you’re about to buy. Also, you will be wearing them most of the day and will be interacting with your friends and family while using them. This makes it important for you to decide what you want in your hearing aids.

What hearing aid is best for your lifestyle?

Even though an audiologist can help you determine what would be the right fit for you medically, the final decision still lies in your hands. These experts can give you a broad idea about what technology you need and what style would be the right fit for your particular hearing needs but you can take it from there and make further style and technology choices according to your own preferences. For example, if you are a young adult, you probably want Bluetooth connectivity on your hearing aids so that you can listen to music directly from your hearing aids.

Your audiologist is there to not only help you select a hearing aid, but to ensure it’s the right one for your lifestyle and activity needs. And remember – there is no such thing as a stupid question – so if there’s something you want to know about buying a hearing aid, don’t be afraid to ask your audiologist!