Hearing aids greatly affect your life and will so every day, but now that you have them how do you take care of them? How do you protect them from the elements and your lifestyle? When and where should you not wear them? These are all valid and important questions to ask and to know the correct answers to. So let’s go over a few things when it comes to hearing aid care.

  • How do I protect them? Hearing aids should be worn most of the time. There are of course certain times that wearing your hearing aids are a bad idea because you could damage or lose them. So when these times arise it is best to take them out and place them in their protective case that comes with your hearing aids when you purchase them. If you do not have your case, a sunglass case can serve in a pinch.
  • When should I not wear my hearing aids? You should be wearing your hearing aids most of the time as they benefit your life greatly, however, if planning a heavy workout, for example, you may want to take them out to avoid damage from excess sweat. You should also not wear them with other activities such as quading, riding a motorcycle or swimming as each of these activities could cause damage or cause you to lose your hearing aids.
  • How do the seasons affect my hearing aids? With the change of seasons the weather can greatly affect your hearing aids without you even knowing it. You should try to not wear your hearing aids when there is any form of precipitation out such as rain or snow. You should also try to not wear your hearing aids when you are outside doing yard work as any amount of precipitation from you can cause problems to your hearing aids as well; there is also a chance that you could lose your hearing aids when you are raking leaves, for example. Always take care with your hearing aids with the weather.

Your hearing aids are a very important part of your daily life now and taking care of them is important so be sure to think before you do something. Always ask yourself if this could damage my hearing aid or could I lose my hearing aid by doing this activity? It is also a good idea to check the weather daily as well not only to know how to dress for the day but to know if the weather could damage or affect your hearing aids.