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When Dr. Tamez prescribes medications, he is also thinking about how procedures help. The combination of both can lead to a powerful outcome, one that is long-term rather than short. Steps are taken in the order that is most beneficial to the patient. In a situation where medicine is nonresponsive, Dr. Tamez will find an alternative route, and in cases where infections keep occurring after treatment, surgery may be a viable option for those patients. 

Dr. Oscar A. Tamez, ENT doctor for Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat, is knowledgeable and well-versed when it comes to sinus surgeries and options. If we recommend surgery for you or your family member, you can rest assured we have exhausted other medical options and feel this is the best treatment plan to provide the relief needed. Additionally, we will work with the patient to ensure they are well-informed and comfortable with the services and care they will be receiving.

What are the options available with the surgery?

Depending on the condition, sinus surgery options will vary per patient. One procedure that is common is known as functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). It is a surgery that has been improved since its creation in the 1950s, and is considered one of the most widely approved sinus surgeries in the world. FESS is minimally invasive and works to restore proper breathing and ventilation to the sinus cavities. A small instrument is inserted into the nose, where the doctor will view and then remove problems from the area that is affected. Improvements in FESS over the years means that patients don’t have to worry about external scars or even major swelling, since most of the work is performed within the nostrils. A simple follow-up a couple of days after the operation will help determine the surgery’s success.  

An explanation of balloon sinuplasty

For chronic sinusitis patients, balloon sinuplasty is highly recommended and can be done at Tejas ENT. Balloon sinuplasty is a great alternative to FESS and is considered a modern equivalent. When a patient’s health is in serious deterioration due to ENT issues, balloon sinuplasty may be the safest way to remove the blockage. Image-guided surgery drives this procedure and is used to safely guide medical equipment within the nostrils. By using infrared signals that act as invisible walls, Dr. Tamez can safely navigate inside infected areas without causing any damage.