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Sinus surgery

When an ENT specialist prescribes medications, they are also thinking about how procedures help. The combination of both can lead to a powerful outcome, one that is long-term rather than short. Steps are taking in the order that is most beneficial to the patient. In a situation where medicine is nonresponsive, specialists will find an alternative route. And in cases where infections keep occurring after treatment, surgery is a viable option for some patients. Procedures have come a long way since they were first used in the early eras of ENT treatment. It is much less invasive, and has many benefits for patients with chronic health problems. With a copy of a patient’s current medical history in hand, the doctors at Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat can move forward with the corrective procedure.

What are the options available with the surgery?

Depending on the ailment, options will vary per patient. One procedure that is common is known as functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). It is a surgery that has been improved since its creation in the 1950s, and is considered one of the most widely approved sinus surgeries in the world. FESS removes sins mucosa from patients that suffer the after effects of its buildup or blockage. A small instrument is inserted into the nose, where the doctor will view and then remove problems from the area that is affected. Improvements in FESS over the years means that patients don’t have to worry about external scars or even major swelling, since most of the work is performed within the nostrils. A simple follow-up a couple of days after the operation will help determine the surgery’s success.  

An explanation of balloon sinuplasty

For chronic sinusitis patients, this procedure is famous in its own right. Balloon sinusplasty is a great alternative to FESS, and is considered a modern equivalent. When a patient’s health is in serious deterioration due to ENT issues, balloon sinusplasty may be the safest way to remove the blockage. Image-guided surgery is a technology used with the procedure, and it is used to safely guide medical equipment within the nostrils. By using infrared signals that act as invisible walls, doctors can safely navigate inside infected areas without causing any damage. 

The Caldwell Luc Operation

By improving the natural drainage of patients, the Caldwell Luc Operation is another great option from Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat. The maxillary sinus is beneath the eye, and is the target for the operation. Doctors connect the maxillary sinus with the nose, resulting in a system that works better to drain clogged areas. The surgery was named after doctors George Caldwell and Henry Luc, who introduced it to treat advanced sinus problems with patients.