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Patient Testimonials


I would highly recommend Dr. Tamez. He and his staff are extremely thorough and professional. I've worked in the medical/dental field for over 12 years and I rarely see a practice with as high of quality and professionalism as this office. Dr. Tamez did surgery on my toddler and surgery on myself so I completely trust his ability as a surgeon and a clinician.

Laura W

I have been going to Dr. Tamez for several years now and I have significant sinus problems in which included him performing surgery on me (my 5th surgery but 1st by him). I have sooo appreciated his care and expertise as my sinus issues have been very complicated and ongoing. HE has been cery knowledgeable and really helped to be proactive to continue to have success with my difficult sinuses. His staff is also really great to work with and helpful. My husband and daughter have also seen him and have had great help. My daughter even had tubes placed at 8 months and it really made such a huge difference. Highly recommend this practice and their new facility is beautiful!!!

Dede Johnson

We have had a great experience with Dr. Tamez and the Tejas ENT team. The office staff is courteous and helpful, the facility is well organized and clean, and Dr. Tamez is both personable and skilled/knowledgeable. His expertise and forward thinking leave me feeling confident that temporary ENT issues are resolved immedietly with a long term perspective. I’m so happy to have found such a terrific resource for my family in Round Rock – thank you

Jennie Dawes

Dr Tamez and his staff have treated my 2 kids. He has been very patient and and does a great job explaining the procedures to the kids, especially my anxious one. I appreciate that he is thorough with his care. Much better care than with the ENTs we've seen for other family members!

David Reeves

I was so glad to find Dr. Tamez and his staff. Over the years we went to several different Allergy Doctors and no one could fix my children’s breathing issues. He did different sinus surgeries on my two older children. Dr. Tamez gave both of my children their active lives back in sports. It’s wonderful to see them active doing the things they love. They are no longer winded or sick. No need for constant rounds of antibiotics. My youngest child had chronic ear infections from the time she was born. After she failed a hearing test in Pre-K, I called and got her in to see Dr. Tamez. He was wonderful and reassuring not only to me but my child. She had an ear infection and fluid on the ears. After putting tubes in her ears and a round of medications…..it was like night and day. Her speech was more vibrant, because she could now hear. She past her next hearing test with flying colors and loved her custom design ear plugs. All three of my children consider it a treat to...

Stephanie Marek

Dr. Tamez is more knowledgeable about the effects of breathing on sleep quality than any other physician I've encountered. While he respects and uses standard courses of treatment, he is also constantly on the lookout for new techniques and information to help his patients.

Chris Elley

Dr Tamez's and his staff is very caring, helpfully, and friendly. This is the second surgery for our family and every thing went well again. Have recommend Dr. Tamez's to friends and family.

Jamie Pennington