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A Message from Dr. Tamez

**Disclaimer: I do not treat acute Covid -19 illness. Below is a guide based on personal experience and extensive research on the topic.**

Dear Patient,

Like hundreds of thousands of Americans, my wife, JoAnn, and I have lost two loved ones to COVID-19.  We have experienced first-hand watching our loved ones sent home symptomatic with COVID-19, without treatment, only to later be admitted to the hospital very sick with the illness. Being told by hospital physicians that there are no medications they are willing to try other than Remdesivir and low dose steroids, no matter how dire the circumstances, is disheartening. This is being told despite the fact that there are other medications that are FDA approved and incredibly safe, with data spanning decades that have shown these other medications to help tremendously in all stages of this disease. The same cannot be said for Remdesivir. By the time a patient is in Cytokine Storm (severe disease), Remdesivir’s antiviral efficacy is very limited with well documented side effects.

Great News: There is no need for any further tragedy. The key to beating COVID-19 is early treatment and prevention and effective treatment is available.



Educate Yourself! No one cares more about you and your loved ones more than YOU! You must plan for if, and when, COVID-19 hits. Think ahead. 

The below websites have all you will ever need to know regarding the safest proven treatment for COVID-19. The sites are updated as things evolve. They have all the data, with videos from leading experts on the ground treatment for COVID-19 patients.  If you are going to choose websites to learn from, THESE ARE IT!  Read the literature and information provided and judge for yourself. 

Brownstone Institute ? Open Society and Liberty

Frontline Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance

America's Frontline Doctors provide a lot of information and lists doctors in your area that are treating COVID-19 early either via telemedicine or in person

  • Click on the links above to know what options are available. Get a telemedicine visit or find a doctor in your area that can prescribe these life- saving medications.

  • Find a walk-in clinic/ER that offers testing and administers Monoclonal antibodies and the other life-saving medications provided on the websites above. Also, there are county facilities that offer Monoclonal antibodies.

  • Find a hospital that offers treatment OTHER THAN JUST Remdesivir and low dose steroids if you or your loved one were to get admitted. Go to the websites provided to learn about these lifesaving options. Do not go to a facility with limited treatment options. You and your loved ones deserve better.

  • As soon as you feel sick, get tested ASAP because treatment must be initiated within the first 3 days. Time is of the essence! The objective is to stay out of the hospital. Note: Not everyone is a candidate for Monoclonal antibodies. If you test positive, DO NOT GO UNTREATED.  You must find a doctor via telemedicine or in person that will give you the treatment found on the websites provided above. Currently many patients (18 months into this pandemic) are being sent home and told to quarantine, without medication. They then return to the hospital when symptoms have worsened.  No wonder our hospitals our overrun!  It is lack of early treatment that is the problem! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.



Pharmacists are not medical doctors and CANNOT deny a prescription by a physician. If a pharmacist refuses to fill a prescription by a physician, you need to know your rights. Pharmacists are not allowed to practice medicine. They are valued partners in care but cannot override a doctor’s prescription. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF THIS VERY INEXPENSIVE MEDICATION!  DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. 

Click on the link below which outlines your rights!




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