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5 Reasons Not to Delay Balloon Sinus Surgery

5 Reasons Not to Delay Balloon Sinus Surgery

If you suffer from the pain and pressure of chronic sinusitis or if you have sinus infections and headaches with every cold, you should talk to your ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist about balloon sinus surgery. This simple procedure can restore proper drainage to your sinuses and improve your upper respiratory health.

If your ENT has recommended balloon sinuplasty (balloon sinus surgery) but you have been putting it off, there’s no reason to delay.

1. Balloon sinus surgery doesn’t hurt

It is perfectly natural to worry or be afraid about a procedure because you are concerned about pain.  It’s not a reason to be ashamed; we all fear pain.

The good news is that balloon sinus surgery doesn’t hurt.  It can be performed under local anesthetic. If you don’t take medication for anxiety before the procedure, then you can drive yourself home. Most balloon sinus surgery can be performed in the ENT’s office.

If you are particularly concerned about pain and have been putting off the procedure because of anxiety, have a frank discussion with the ENT. Arrangements can be made to perform the procedure with general anesthesia in a day surgery setting.

2. Recovery is quick with balloon sinus surgery

When compared to functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS – the traditional sinus surgery) the recovery time for balloon sinus surgery is much quicker.

In fact, many people return to normal activity within 2 days at the most. Compared to FESS, the amount of time you need to take pain medication is considerably less as well. That’s because traditional sinus surgery removes tissues, bone and cartilage. Balloon sinuplasty does not remove tissue; it restores draining by opening the passageway.

The actual procedure from pre-procedure prep to post procedure care takes just about an hour.

3. Safe and effective with lasting results

The relief you get from balloon sinus surgery is lasting and the procedure is safe. The technology behind balloon sinuplasty is the same technology cardiac surgeons have been using for years to perform angioplasty.

Studies that tracked patients up to two years after the procedure found they continued to reap positive benefits.  Patients reported a continued and lasting improvement in their sinus issues and their quality of life. While balloon sinuplasty isn’t appropriate for all sinus blockages (such as those caused by polyps) it is safe and effective treatment for many forms of sinusitis. 

4. Covered by insurance

Most insurance covers balloon sinus surgery. Medicare covers the procedure under coverage for sinus surgery.  You can talk to your insurance provider about your specific coverage. In most cases, you will find that balloon sinus surgery costs less than you think.

5. Won’t change the appearance of your nose

Sinuplasty is not rhinoplasty. It will not change the outward appearance of your nose. In fact, you should have no swelling or bruising under the eyes after the treatment.

The only way your friends and family will know that you had the procedure is if you tell them. Of course they may notice that you aren’t constantly sick with sinusitis as well!

Talk to the ENT

If your ENT has mentioned balloon sinus surgery, there is no reason to delay any longer. The procedure is quick and painless, the recovery is fast because the procedure is not invasive, in most instances it is covered by insurance and you will feel better right away.

If you have chronic sinusitis not caused by polyps, then talk to your ENT about balloon plastic surgery.