If the ENT has talked to you about balloon sinus surgery (sinuplasty) you’ve probably been given brochures explaining the procedure and touting the benefits.

What you probably haven’t learned are the really bad things about balloon sinus surgery. It will change your life for sure. Here are the 4 very worst things about having it done.

No time off work or school

The actual surgery takes just about an hour, including pre and post op procedures. It might take you longer to get dressed and drive to the ENT’s office than the procedure will take.

Recovery will take just one or two days. That means you could have your procedure in the morning and be at work or school as early as the next day.

Your friends won’t have time to send you a card, bake cookies or deliver a casserole. You could literally be back on your feet before they even know you were out. So that could mean no “Get Well” balloons after your balloon sinuplasty. Bummer.

Even worse, you won’t be missing work or school for sinusitis or complications from a cold. You could be productive day after day and week after week. That means bye-bye to binge watching your favorite Netflix.

Excessive storage in the bathroom

Suddenly you will have way too much room in your medicine cabinet. Fewer sinus infections means those bottles of decongestants, steroids and antibiotics will be gone. You won’t be stocking 3 different NSAIDs hoping to find the right one to get rid of the awful sinus headache.

All that real estate in the medicine cabinet and in your bathroom cabinets will be prime for development by hair care products, skin care products, bath salts and essential oils. Instead of a pharmacy it might start looking like a spa.

Your hair and skin might never look better!

No more sinus headaches

Let’s face it, those sinus headaches were the perfect excuse to get you out of doing anything you didn’t want to do.

Feeling crabby one day? Blame it on the sinus headaches! Don’t feel like mowing the grass, cleaning house or any other thing your spouse might want you to do? Say you’ve got a headache. It’s worked for years.

Except that the balloon sinus surgery will improve your sinus drainage. That means the pressure build-up and the horrible headaches will be gone.  You’ll have to find a new excuse to be in a foul mood or duck doing something.

Stock prices plummet

Stock prices for your favorite brand of soup will plummet. Your grocer will wonder what to do with all the excess inventory of chicken noodle soup, chicken and stars, and beef and vegetable soup. 

If you rely on the local deli for your chicken noodle or matzoh ball soup they will miss you. Remember to stop in and say “hello.”  Otherwise, they make think you have died or moved out of the neighborhood.  If they are a chain, they might experience falling stock prices as their sales fall. You were their biggest customer, right?

You won’t need warm broth to steam open your sinus passages. They won’t be blocked any more. You won’t be living on soup because it is the only sustenance you can tolerate.

Your favorite brand of decongestant will experience a dramatic drop in sales. Their stock will drop as month after month they miss their target sales numbers; all the while wondering what could cause such a market upset.

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Do you think you can handle all the bad things associated with balloon sinus surgery? Are you up to being productive at work or school and not missing time for sinusitis?

Are you ready to clean out the medicine cabinet and know that the pharmaceutical industry as well as the food companies, grocers, and local delis will miss your business?

Are you ready to say “I don’t want to” instead of “I have a headache”?  If so, then you’re ready for balloon sinus surgery.

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