If you suffer from sinus headaches, you should know about a new procedure that can bring permanent relief. ENTs can now perform a simple procedure in the office under a local anesthetic that will open the sinus passages and restore drainage. This simple procedure is known as balloon sinuplasty or balloon sinus surgery.

One little balloon – a load of relief

It’s hard to believe, but one tiny little balloon apparatus can be used to bring immediate relief for chronic sinus headaches.

Based on the same technique used to clear blocked arteries, balloon sinus surgery is a safe and effective treatment for sinus headaches.

There is no uncomfortable nasal packing, no stitches, no scarring and almost no recovery time. You can have the procedure done in the morning and be back at work or school the next day. Some people report that they return to normal activity immediately after the procedure.

The balloon sinuplasty doesn’t take long to perform but the results last for years.

Why you have sinus headaches

Those excruciating sinus headaches happen because your sinuses can’t drain properly. Mucous, pus and debris get trapped in your sinuses and the pressure builds. Until the sinuses can drain you can’t get relief. Pain relieving NSAIDs only provide temporary relief. You may take antibiotics to clear the infection and it may help for a while, but the congestion and blockage return, bringing a return of the pain.

You won’t get permanent relief until your sinuses drain properly. Balloon sinus surgery works because it opens the sinus passages so they can drain properly. Once opened and drained, the sinus passages stay open. Proper drainage is restored permanently.

How balloon sinus surgery works

The balloon sinus surgery is performed in the ENT’s office. A local anesthetic is applied to numb the area. Then a very small balloon catheter is inserted up through the nasal passage into the sinus. The balloon is inflated and this opens the sinus passage. The ENT flushes out the mucous and pus that has collected in the sinus with a saline solution. The balloon is removed and the sinus passage stays open.

When the balloon is inflated, it permanently alters the structure of the sinus opening. The passage not only is opened by the balloon, but it also stays open afterwards. This keeps the sinus from being blocked. Because the sinus isn’t blocked it drains properly. Since the sinuses are draining you don’t get sinus headaches. It’s a cure for sinus headaches that lasts.

Talk to the ENT about your sinus headaches

If you have sinus headaches over and over again, it’s time to talk to the ENT. Make an appointment to discuss your sinus headache treatment options and find out if balloon sinus surgery is right for you. You have nothing to lose but the pain and discomfort of sinus headaches.