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ReSound LiNX 2

ReSound LiNX2

ReSound LiNX 2TM is the new benchmark in smart hearing, giving you exceptional sound quality, speech understanding and spatial awareness. Stream stereo sound directly from your iPhone®, personalize your hearing experience and engage effortlessly with family, friends and colleagues in any listening situation. Modern, discreet and durable, ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids are available in a full family of new designs and colors. So when it comes to comfort and lifestyle you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

ReSound LiNX

ReSound LiNX. The world’s smartest hearing aid.

ReSound LiNX™ is a new kind of hearing aid. Designed to be smarter, smaller and more connected than any hearing aid of its kind, it gives you top-rated sound in a small, slim design with durable, water-resistant technology. ReSound LiNX features Surround Sound by ReSound™ providing the hearing experience that’s right for you. It also connects directly with your iPhone ®, iPad® or iPod touch®, allowing you to stream phone calls, music and media directly into your hearing aids. The fully-customizable companion app, ReSound Smart™, gives you the freedom to adjust volume, fine-tune treble/bass and geotag locations, discreetly from your phone. With ReSound LiNX you’ll know you’re getting a hearing experience unlike any other.


ReSound LiNX also comes with a tinnitus option – ReSound LiNX TS. ReSound LiNX TS offers a new approach to managing your tinnitus. It combines advanced sound therapy with the world’s smartest hearing aid. Because each case of tinnitus is unique, ReSound LiNX TS lets you personalize your sound therapy with the ReSound Smart TM app. A direct wireless connection to your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® even gives you access to numerous sound therapy apps available on the App Store. Or, you can stream any other sound you like including music. ReSound LiNX TS also uses Surround Sound by ReSoundTM which received a top rating from experienced hearing aid wearers. You don’t have to “just live with it” anymore.

ReSound Enzo

ReSound ENZOTM, smart super power hearing

ReSound ENZO is the world’s only smart super power solution. It gives people with severe and profound hearing losses full and easy access to the sounds that matter the most in their lives, in the best possible sound quality. It includes the most advanced version of Surround Sound by ReSound TM, our unique sound processing strategy, allowing you to enjoy greater amplification without noise and feedback, and know exactly where sound is coming from, even in difficult surroundings. It also streams high-quality stereo sound from an iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® without an intermediate device. And it gives you smart new ways to control and personalize your hearing experience through the ReSound Smart™ app. All that in a durable design that works for you every day.

ReSound Verso

ReSound Verso. Like second nature.

ReSound Verso™ is an advanced hearing solution that allows you to hear the voices and sounds that matter most to you. Thanks to its breakthrough technology, it offers a true-to-life hearing experience, so you can engage naturally with the world around you. ReSound Verso uses Binaural Fusion TM which delivers rich, full sound, outstanding performance in background noise and superior feedback management – all in an easy-to-use instrument, giving you a more natural hearing experience.

ReSound Verso also comes with a tinnitus option – ReSound Verso TS TM. ReSound Verso TS combines the features of ReSound Verso with a tinnitus sound generator. It uses sound therapy to offer relief from tinnitus by diverting your attention away from it. This kind of sound therapy - together with informed counseling from your hearing healthcare professional - has proven to be a highly effective way to manage tinnitus.

ReSound Magna

ReSound Magna. Turn up the volume on life.

ReSound understands that having a severe to profound hearing loss presents significant challenges for hearing in daily life. That’s why they developed ReSound Magna™, a digital super power with advanced technology and features that will empower you to get more out of life. ReSound Magna provides more amplification in the situations where you need it the most, better speech understanding and a directionality feature that makes it easier to distinguish where speech and other important sounds are coming from – all in an attractive, egonomic and durable design.

ReSound Vea

ReSound Vea. Sounds good, looks great.

ReSound Vea ® provides great sound quality and audibility to meet your hearing needs. It helps you hear better, even in noisy places. You can control the volume and the settings yourself, so they’re always just right for you. And you’ll never have to put up with your hearing aids whistling – even when you give someone a hug or pick up the phone. It’s easy to use, comfortable and water resistant. Your hearing will improve and so will your quality of life.

ReSound Alera

ReSound Alera. It simply sounds better.

ReSound Alera ® improves hearing in even the most difficult listening environments with a crisper, cleaner sound. Its powerful 2.4 GHz technology provides truly wireless connections to everyday audio devices such as TVs and phones when paired with ReSound UniteTM accessories. The combination of ReSound Alera’s broad transmission range and the freedom it provides from body-worn streamers makes ReSound Alera both convenient and easy-to-use.

ReSound Alera also offers a tinnitus solution – ReSound Alera TS™. ReSound Alera TS combines advanced hearing aid technology with an innovative tinnitus sound generator. It changes tinnitus management, whether you have a hearing loss or not.

ReSound Unite Accessories

ReSound Unite Wireless Accessories

The easy-to-use ReSound Unite™ wireless hearing aid accessories deliver clear and secure audio directly to any ReSound wireless hearing instrument, including ReSound LiNX TM. And they do it discreetly, without devices to wear around your neck. This is thanks to 2.4 GHz wireless technology, a robust and reliable standard, which gives you strong, clear and stable connections.

ReSound Unite Mini Microphone

The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone offers an extraordinarily versatile device that transmits speech directly to your hearing aids. It is a discreet clip-on microphone that helps you hear speech clearly. So you can enjoy one-on-one communication in difficult listening situations.

ReSound Unite Phone Clip+

The ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ streams crystal clear phone calls and audio straight to your hearing aids. So you – and the person you’re talking to – can enjoy comfortable conversations, even in noisy places. When not on the phone, the Phone Clip+ works as a hearing aid remote control. Or use the ReSound Control™ app for cutting-edge control from your smartphone.

ReSound Unite Remote Control 2

With the ReSound Unite Remote Control 2 you’ll never lose track of your hearing aid settings. You can change programs and adjust the volume on each of your hearing aids. And the easy-to-see display clearly shows settings.

ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2

The ReSound Unite TV Streamer sends clear stereo sound from your TV, stereo or computer directly and wirelessly to your hearing aids. You don't have to wear anything extra. No cables or wires are needed.