Nasal Obstruction and Congestion

Obstructions of the nasal passages cause people to breathe through their mouths. There are several benefits to breathing through the nose instead of the mouth, and mouth breathing usually means either a simple or complex problem in the nose.

The professionals at Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat are highly qualified and trained to help diagnose and treat conditions of the nasal cavities.

What is mouth breathing?

Mouth breathing can disrupt sleep and aggravate tissue in the mouth. It is also one of the top causes of snoring. Like many conditions of the nose and throat, mouth breathing is usually a symptom of structural or inflammatory problems. If you have a chronic condition that causes extensive mouth breathing, let us help you find relief. We treat the following ENT conditions:

  • Deviated septum – One of the most common nasal problems; the septum divides the nose vertically and helps support nasal structure. When it bends either way, it can chronically block a nasal passage. Many people have corrective surgery to align the septum
  • Sinus infection – A condition with many causes; inflammation can also be treated in several ways. Anti-inflammatories, antivirals and antibacterial medicines can all help sinus inflammation. Some structural problems require surgery. Tejas ENT professionals will offer answers to all these problems.
  • Sinus allergies – Allergies affect sinuses inordinately because one of the prime functions of the nose is to filter minute particles like pollen and pet dander out of the nasal cavities. Many people are highly allergic to one or more other airborne particles. We will evaluate your symptoms, medical history and provide a treatment recommendation to personally suit your needs.
  • Adenoids/tonsils – While this usually impacts children, it can also occur in adulthood. When someone suffers from frequent tonsil infections, removal of the tonsils and adenoids is usually recommended. This course of treatment will stop the infections altogether.
  • Tumors – Occasionally, tumors both benign and malignant grow in the nose and throat. There are various treatments for tumors depending on the type and size. Our professionals will carefully evaluate these and make the proper treatment plan to deliver relief you need.

Treatment for nasal conditions depend on the problem, but begins with an examination and diagnosis in our office. Many conditions can be found and treated immediately; others may require more extensive, but pain-free tests. Here are some possible treatments for nasal conditions:

  • Septoplasty
  • Functional rhinoplasty
  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
  • Balloon sinuplasty
  • Allergy evaluation

The team at Tejas Ear, Nose and Throat use all the latest techniques and facilities for diagnosis, treatment and surgery. Please call today for an appointment and be on your way to better breathing.