Malocclusion and Nasal Obstruction

Current available research is clear that airway obstruction impairs respiration. Impaired respiration can cause craniofacial malformation, malocclusion and jaw deformation. Research also shows that abnormal craniofacial formation can lead to airway obstruction, impaired respiration, impaired nasal breathing, chronic mouth breathing, sleep apnea, sleep disorders and lifelong ill-health.

Craniofacial form can follow craniofacial function and craniofacial function can follow craniofacial form. Therefore, both craniofacial form and function should be managed closely, particularly during the early ages of growth and development.

The airway, mode of breathing, and malocclusion are so inter-related during growth and development that form can follow function and function can follow form. Since form can follow function and function can follow form both should be treated preventively, as early as possible.

Normal well-developed airways allow normal breathing through the nose with the mouth closed. Nasal breathing is important because it is now known to be vital to good health. Research has shown that air breathed through the nose is quite different to the body than air breathed through the mouth.

The benefits of nasal breathing begin within hours of birth when nasal nitric oxide gas can first be detected. Nitric oxide is a potent gas and a key component of human health. Nitric oxide is produced in the nasal sinuses, secreted into the nasal passages and inhaled through the nose. It is well known to prevent bacterial growth. In the lungs nitric oxide improves the ability to absorb oxygen. Nitric oxide is a strong vasodilator and brain transmitter. Furthermore, nitric oxide increases oxygen transport throughout the body and is vital to all body organs.

A good airway and normal nasal breathing is important because nasal airway obstruction has profound effects on the whole body and can even determine a patient’s symptoms and complaints.

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