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We are seeing all new and established patients and will continue to utilize Telemedicine via FaceTime or Skype, according to the patient’s preference. Please know our medical staff has taken all necessary precautions to ensure patient safety. We will continue to observe the updated CDC guidelines regarding direct patient care and statewide executive orders, limiting the number of people on-site at any one time and practicing social distancing. Additionally, we are screening each patient and staff member every day upon arrival. We are also asking everyone that enters our office to wear a face mask, as we aim to prioritize the safety and health of our patients and staff. We will keep you updated as more information unfolds. We wish you and your family good health. Please stay safe and God Bless.

Hearing Aid Center Patients

Dear Patients and Friends,

During COVID-19, your health and safety are extremely important to us.  With this in mind, Tejas Hearing Aid center is fully open and operational!   

To stay healthy and connected to the world, it is important that you continue to wear your hearing aids all your waking hours.  Research indicates that hearing impaired individuals who wear their aids are generally healthier mentally and physically than those who do not wear hearing aids.

Most of us will find that we are staying home for longer periods.  Some people state that there is no point in wearing their hearing aids while they are at home.  This is NOT true.  Wearing hearing aids at home, even if no one else is there, is important.  Remember, you hear with your brain, the ears are simply the receptors for the incoming sound.  When one wears their aids in the home environment, their brain learns to tune out the fan noise, refrigerator and other extraneous noise.  This will help you hear better when you are in noisier environments as your brain has learned to tune out softer unwanted sounds.  Listening to music will also help keep your ears and brain stimulated.  Finally, if you have a computer, for a small cost, you can download LACE or other programs that help hearing impaired individuals learn to hear and understand better. 

Take good care of your hearing aids.  Keep them clean.  Don't get them wet.  Put the hearing aids in the same place EVERY TIME you take them off.

We look forward to providing you with outstanding hearing healthcare.

Tejas Hearing Aid Center

Allergy Patients

Dearest Allergy Patients,

Our Allergy department has reopened for shots, for drops pickups, and for allergy testing in office! We will be administering shots Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Please call to schedule an appointment, so that our staff will be aware you're coming and may be ready to assist you. Drops patients - you will also need to schedule for drops pickups Monday through Thursday. Please allow 1 week between calling in a refill and picking up your drops. We're eager to start providing your allergy immunotherapy again and we're doing everything we can to care for our community. 

It takes three to five years to complete the immunotherapy process. Staying off immunotherapy for two to four weeks during this trying time will not affect the long-term outcome of your treatment.

Allergy Shot Patients:

It is okay to miss injections for a few weeks.

Allergy Drop Patients:

Allergy drop patients are encouraged to go down to one drop under the tongue of each vial daily to preserve vials since we will be unable to remix for a few weeks. If you are running out of vials, it is okay to be off a vial for a few weeks. Being off the drops will not have a long-term effect on your three to five-year immunotherapy process. 

We will keep you updated as more information unfolds.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Stay safe everyone!


Tejas Allergy Team